Epoxy Resin Roofing

Synthetic Epoxy Resin Roofing:

SMARTROOF Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheets, is made from Synthetic Resin. It is not only omre stable material, but also better feature material. Meanwhile, with ASA coating, makes it better in aging protection. So please check the below information of this product.


SMARTROOF Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheets

Item Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheets
Based Raw Material Synthetic Resin
Coating Material ASA
Width 1.05M
Effective Width 0.96M
Length Customized by times of pitches
Thickness 2.3MM / 2.5MM / 3.0MM
Color Brick Red / Green / Sky Blue
Guarantee 20 Years

Profile Drawing:

Color Reference:

Profile Drawing:

1.Fast Color

The synthetic resin flat roof tiles is protected by ASA resin, and tests held in Aging Test Center of Arizona and Florida by GE prove that the color will preserve for more than 10 years in nature.


The material of synthetic resin flat roof tiles is totally anti-corrosive, which can withstand most chemicals like acid, alkali and salt and industrial emissions. Therefore, FANGXING synthetic resin flat roof tiles is specially suitable for coastal areas, animal confinement buildings and heavy chemical areas.

3.Acoustic Insulation

The physical properties of FANGXING synthetic resin flat roof tiles have excellent acoustic insulation performance, which is 10~15% lower than metal sheets.

4.Electric Insulation

The material of synthetic resin flat roof tiles does not conduct electricity.

5.Resistance to High and Low Temperatures

FANGXING new technology make the synthetic flat roof tiles can be used in wider ranges of climates. The flat roof tiles can keep the physical stability from -20°C to 85°C.

6.Fire Resistance and Self-extinguishing Material

Tests by National Test Center of Polymer & Building Materials prove that synthetic resin flat roof tiles is Class B1 material.

Compared With Traditional Metal Roof:


Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheets

Color Metal Roof Sheet

Heat Insulation


Corrosive Resistance


Chemical Resistance


High Strength

Self Cleaning


Sound Insulation


Color Lasting


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